The notorious and deadly Niger Delta militant group known as “The Avengers” has inaugurated two sinister and destructive organs to destroy oil facilities and assets in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

The deadly group codenamed the planned organs operations “walls of Jericho” and “hurricane Joshua”. In a statement by their spokesman the self-style Brigadier General Mudoch  Agbinibo vowed to take back all the oil assets and deposits rightly belonging to them but illegally appropriated by the Hausa Fulani dominated Federal Government of Nigeria.

Giving reasons for their new threat, The notorious group opined that they are frustrated by the Nigerian government lack of sincerity to dialogue with the leaders and representatives of the Niger Delta people represented by PANDEF who are made up of prominent leaders in all walks of life in the region under the banner of the Pan Niger Delta Forum PANDEF .

The Avengers group further revealed that PANDEF group had its backing and mandate to dialogue with the Nigerian Government towards securing sustainable peace and progress in the region but that the government was foot-dragging to commit to sincere dialogue and agreement.

The Avengers threatened a more devastating and destructive activities this time around that will shake the foundation of economic life of Nigeria by destroying the oil assets in the country. The Avengers stated that “The prospect for hope for a genuine dialogue and negotiations have been dashed and rejected. The world is aware that the body PANDEF is a team of critical stakeholders mandated by

the region to undertake genuine dialogue and negotiations process that will commit the Niger Delta to engaged with the government and people of Nigeria and the international oil companies and neutral observers but this government decides to politicize and blackmail the process in order to forestall any genuine dialogue and negotiations”.

The Avengers Group further condemned in strong terms the Nigerian government awards of 2016/2017 crude oil term contracts to major international oil companies and their partner companies instead of first addressing the lingering restiveness and injustice in the Crude oil producing area.

The group described the term contracts awards to the international oil companies and their acceptance as a conspiracy against the collective will and aspirations of the Niger Delta people.

The group named some of the foreign beneficiaries of the crude oil term contracts with the Nigerian government to include Sonara, Hindustan, Cepsa Refineries. Bharat Petroleum and Varo Energy. Also included among the beneficiaries are Trafigura, Enoc Trading, BP Trading, Total Trading, UCL Petrol Energy among others.