The Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC has opened an invitation to youths from the Niger Delta region to submit their Inventions, Innovative equipment, and unique applications along with a proposal to be selected to showcase their product at the upcoming Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2017 in Houston, Texas, United States of America.

An official statement from the commission encouraged all interested, highly talented and technological innovative Niger delta youths to apply for selection.

Such potential applicants, however, must have either invented new technologically based equipment or an innovative or improved existing one. The selected youths will be given the opportunity to display these products at the OTC conference in Texas, USA.

The aim and purpose of this innovative visionary programme targeted at the Niger Delta youths is to expose these young talented participants to the international investors and funders who will attend the weeklong event in Houston.

The commission disclosed that this programme is not going to be a tea party for just any Niger Delta youth, therefore, a stringent criterion has to be fulfilled by intending applicants before being considered for a further interview by a panel of experts drawn from relevant technological fields.

The following criteria are required to be satisfied by intending participants of the programme.

  1. Ages of participation are between 19-40 years.
  2. Intending participants must be an indigene of Niger delta region
  3. Must have a valid Nigerian Passport.
  4. Should provide a certificate of State of origin.
  5. Must have an invention that is unique and special.
  6. Must show compelling proof of ownership of such invention.
  7. The inventions submitted must fall within the following sector.
  1. ICT
  2. Energy
  3. Oil and Gas

The Commission released also instructions pertaining to the mode of applications for the programme.

  1. All respondents must submit a copy of their documents in HARD & EDITABLE SOFT COPY in separate sealed envelopes clearly marked “ENERGY” or “OIL & GAS” and must contain the Name, Address and Phone Number of the respondents.
  1. Further, both sealed envelopes should be put in an A3 size envelope and marked “PROPOSAL FOR”.
  1. All respondents must fill the submission register while submitting documents.
  1. All documents should be addressed to: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, PROJECTS C/o JJNP Resources Ltd, 5 Ezimgbu Link Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
  1. The closing date for submission of proposals is Wednesday 12th April 2017. Documents received will be opened immediately after the closing of entries.

Any proposal received after the deadline for submission shall not be opened hence such proposal shall automatically be disqualified.

  1. Respondents are allowed to compete for only two out of three sectors
  2. Successful respondents will be notified to present their pitch to a panel. The decision of the panel is final.
  3. Selected successful respondents will be sponsored to attend the Oil and Gas Technology Conference holding in the NRG PARK, HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA FROM MAY 1-4TH