Personnel of Joint Military Task Force for Niger Delta

The Nigerian military has been identified as the greatest threat to the survival of the Niger Delta people. They have also been identified as the enemy of the people in that region because of the dozens of atrocities they have committed against an unarmed, harmless and civil population in the past years.

An Ijaw rights an group in the Niger Delta under the auspices of the Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative IPDI made the observation over the week in the aftermath of yet another senseless killing of a six month old baby and her mother in Bayelsa state by the Military authorities.

The incident which occurred at Oluasiri community, Nembe, Bayelsa state saw military personnel from the Joint Military Task Force for the Niger Delta code-named “Operation Delta Safe” authorities from the Niger Delta task force invade the community in search of militants. Frustrated that they did accomplish their mission the military men were said to have gone berserk shooting indiscriminately into the air to scare away onlookers and possible forestall any ambushed.

Military on Patrol along Niger Delta Creeks

In the course of this, a nursing mother with her six months old baby was felled by the spray bullets. Incidentally these were not the only casualty from the reckless adventure of the military as two other persons were also reported dead from their shooting spree.

Expressing anger and indignation by the untoward behavior of the military in the region especially their penchant for killings of innocent souls in the region the Ijaw initiative spokesman Daniel Ezekiel condemned their actions calling it wicked and brutal against defenseless, innocent civilians.

According to him ”it is our strong warning that the military should stop such senseless killings in the Niger Delta. Enough of these unlawful killings in our land, it is no longer acceptable. If these barbaric killings continue the people will be force to respond negatively in self-defense as the military poses a great threat to the survival of the Ijaw People in Niger Delta.

The Sought After Militants

Expressing their frustrated with the high handedness and cruelty exhibited against their people the spokesman added “we are perturbed over the incessant killings in Bayelsa state. The recent killings of a mother and her child who was just six months old in Oluasiri, Nembe, Bayelsa State is shameful.

“We want erring military operatives to be brought to book as a responsible military they are expected to always avoid collateral damage when carrying out national assignments.

Despite the uproar that followed the killing of the new mother and her six months baby, the military authorities have kept sealed lips over the incident as if such didn’t occur.

Showing Off Military Might

With the pressure building up on the military high command over the incident, it is hope that an investigative panel would be set up by the military authorities to ascertain what actually happen and to bring any culpable officer to justice.