The Xenophobic attacks against Nigerians citizens living in South Africa have finally drawn the ire of the dreaded Niger Delta Militants operating mostly along the creeks of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

In a letter titled “Attacks and killings of Nigerians living in South Africa” addressed to the office of the South African High Commission in Nigeria located at 71 Usuma Street, Abuja, the group called for the relocation of all South African businesses operating in the country. They threatened an all-out attack on all south African businesses operating in Nigeria.

Expressing disgust and anger at the incessant attacks and injuries meted on Nigerians as well as the malicious and wicked destruction of their properties in that country, the militant group vows to retaliate against South African firms in Nigeria except they relocate out from Nigeria.

The threat from the militant group was jointly issued by Niger Delta Watchdogs, Niger Delta Volunteers, and Niger Delta Strike Force. The signatories to the letter are General John Duku of the Niger Delta Watchdog, General Ekpo Ekpo of the Niger Delta Volunteer and General Hart-Bradford of the Niger Delta Strike Force.

The Militants group warned the Nigerian Government of the consequences of blowing up all South African businesses and interests in Nigeria.  They listed such companies like MTN, SHOPRITE, DSTV and 16 other South African businesses in Nigeria as the target of their threat.

It is gathered that the Militants group issued the threat after rising from a summon one-day meeting on the urgent state of the nation affairs in Nigeria. The group was said to be angry at the number of Nigerians being killed and maimed by the South African irate crowd and criminals while the police in that country looked the other way and sometimes instigate, protect and shield the attackers.

It would be recalled that xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other Africans citizens in South Africa sprang out again for the umpteenth time last week. It was widely reported that many Nigerian ‘shops, properties and business interests were the targets of these riots and attacks.

Many of these innocent Nigerians and Africans were freely molested, harass and beaten by the angry youth and criminal gangs who blame the African immigrants for their lack of job opportunities and poverty.

Meanwhile, the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) has called on the Federal Government to recall her ambassador to South Africa to demonstrate the nation‘s displeasure with the xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in that country.

Also, the Nigerian House of Senate has mandated a seven-member delegation to South Africa to investigate the reasons and the effect of these attacks on Nigerians residing there.