Sniper & Bean A Very Dangerous Combination

The Consumer Protection Commission CPC an agency saddled with the responsibilities of protecting Nigerian consumers against fake and harmful products has warned members of the public against eating unwashed or improperly washed and cooked beans saying it could cause serious harm to the body.

The reason as revealed by CPC is to guard against Sniper treated beans that have become very dangerous to health because of some beans dealers who now used sniper as a pesticide to clean beans in order to kill insects and pests in the beans.

The CPC, therefore, issued a press release advising the public to parboil beans before consumption. According to the agency, pesticides could be very dangerous when consumed with food at a certain level and over time could become very harmful due to accumulation.

Mr Oluwole Toye, National President of Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology NIFEST, the national body representing food professionals from the academia, industry, government, and research institutes corroborated this fact to newsmen when approached to comment on the situation which has caused a big scare in the country.

According to him Sniper falls within the category of chemicals call pesticides and are harmful to the body when consumed along with foodstuff over a period of time. Therefore for safety reasons, strict adherence to the recommended usage is key.

Toye describes pesticide as the chemicals deployed in the control and management of insects or other organisms harmful to plants and to animals. Pesticides are substances used in the control of the pest, including weeds.

Traders Caught Cleaning Beans with Sniper

Pesticides include the following: herbicide, insecticide, nematicide, molluscicide, piscicide, avicides, bactericides, insect repellant, animal repellant, antimicrobial, fungicide, disinfectant and sanitizer.

Pesticides according to their usage can be used at various stages of the agricultural food value chain. They are used either during planting, cultivation and harvesting, food storage and distribution stages.

Pesticides are also used in the control and management of plants, insects and other organisms that can lead to a loss in stored foods and harvested produce.

Sniper Beans Dealers in Police Net

Explaining further why these chemicals like Sniper can then become harmful to the body, Toye said that most pesticides like Sniper have a maximum potency time beyond this time they are impotent and harmless.

Therefore for such pesticide to be active and kill the targeted pest in-store produce the holding time should not be more than 90 days. Therefore until this holding time of 90 days, expire any food that comes in contact with the pesticide such as Sniper is not safe for consumption.

Such food, if consumed within this holding time period risk causing food poisoning, from residual acting, contaminated chemical substances. This appears to be the case with the use of Sniper to preserve beans from pests and insects attacks but ignorantly exposing it as lethal destructive weapons to innocent persons consuming them.

It would be recalled that three beans’ dealers in Lagos were recently arrested for treating beans meant to be sold with Sniper. On interrogation, they confessed that they ignorantly used it to kill insects attacking beans so as to preserve it from destruction.