Street Trading in Lagos State

Street traders who before now have been having a field day in rivers state especially in Port Harcourt metropolis are running for cover as the rivers state government under Governor Nyesom Wike has declared war against them.

In order to eradicate street trading and ensure that Rivers state is free from the menace, mobile courts manned by magistrates ate to begin sitting in different strategic locations in the state to try, convict, and sentenced street traders from Monday the 2nd of September, 2019.

Also to fall under the hammer are illegal markets and motor parks operating in the state, as such users and their patrons will be arrested and tried in the mobile courts.

Governor Wike spoke against the backbone of the onslaught when he addressed officials of the task force against street trading, illegal markets and motor parks at the Government House in Port Harcourt on Sunday.

He reiterated the plan to sanitise the state especially Port Harcourt and rid it of filth and disorder by the deployment of the mobile courts to try offenders.

According to Wike, “From Monday, the 2nd of September, magistrates will sit at various locations to prosecute offenders of the law banning street trading. Your business is to arrest the offenders in line with the law and take them to the magistrates for trial. Anyone who is guilty will be sanctioned by the magistrates.

“Those selling corn and other items on the roads should also leave. If you want to be a trader, kindly move into the markets, he advised.

“We don’t want to see any street traders anywhere in Port Harcourt. Your duty is to ensure that the streets are clean.

The governor issued a stern warning to the officials of the task force against taking the law into their hands and committing other heinous and detestable acts against the public warning that they are on the streets to serve people and not to molest them.

He threatened that any official found wanting would be dismissed and even prosecuted depending on the extent of the crime committed. However, according to the governor diligent and committed staff will be greatly rewarded by the state government.