Unemployed Youths Roting Away.

The presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has said youth unemployment in Nigeria is fast becoming a threat if nothing is done about it.

He said it may get to a time that the elites will be at the risk of the mob if steps are not taking to address the issue and create jobs for the youths who have a vital role to play in economic growth of our country.

Atiku raised stated this in Lagos during a business summit with stakeholders in the business sector to discuss the state of the economy in line with his policy document on how to get Nigeria working again.

He also pointed out that the harsh economic realities are responsible for the current wave of unemployment in the country. And expressed his concern over unemployed youths begging for alms. Atiku said: “We must create jobs, if not, we will get mobbed one day
by the unemployed youths.

Stranded Youths Desperate for Jobs

They are like a time bomb. When businesses are folding up, shops are closing, industries are falling, foreign direct investments are not attracted; poverty is embarrassingly
becoming our trademark, the rating of our hard-working businessmen by the international rating agency is becoming decimal; when we have a government that has remained insensitive to all these, I feel it is the time not only to offer myself for service to salvage the situation but also to reiterate my aim to create a strong, resilient and prosperous economy that creates jobs and opportunities for all of us”.

He also reiterated his plan to privatise the petroleum and electricity sectors while clearly stating that he has no plans to assume the role of Minister of Petroleum Resources if elected.

He promised that women would constitute 30 per cent of his cabinet, while 40 per cent would be allocated to the youths, adding that education would be given priority attention.

Speaking on tackling corruption, Atiku said applying technology would be the right approach. He said: “We are more educated than the UAE and one of the ways they have ensured that corruption is minimal is to introduce technology driven governance.

“They tried to eliminate personal contact between members of the faculty with government officials. We can finally eliminate corruption because it is been played virtually in the public sector. Don’t you think we cannot do it, we can do it. I am just too impatient to see in my lifetime when poverty becomes redundant”.