The Edo state government is set to open the first Food and Agric Fair at Imaguero, college, Benin City. Mr Crusoe Osagie, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Communication Strategy revealed this to newsmen while commenting on the significant and advantages of the fair.

He described the fair as a government discount market for food and agricultural produce saying it was one of the laudable ways the government of Governor Godwin Obaseki is using to ameliorate the economic hardship experienced by the residents of the state.

Osagie said arrangements have been concluded to send trucks and pickup vehicles to farmers in rural and semi-urban areas to convey food and farm produce to the venue of the food fair free of charge. This according to the special adviser is a deliberate attempt to bring down the prices of farm produce.

“The farmers will not pay for the transportation of their produce to the fair, the transportation burden will be borne by the state government. With these and other incentives, we are certain that the cost of food items will reduce significantly in the fair.

Urging the resident to come out and embrace the fair, osagie said “we are urging Edo people and residents in the state to take advantage of the fair come out. There will be free drinks and free indomie meals for children.

“The price of a bag of rice will begin at N15, 000.and the price of a big cow will begin from N150,000. Tomatoes, yam tubers, plantain and other foodstuffs will be sold at affordable prices” Osagie added.

An abundance of Plantain in Edo State

It would be recalled that the Edo state government had announced its intention to host the first food and farm produce fair in the state during the yuletide season. The aim according to the government is to force down prices of basic food commodity and foodstuff during the festive season and make life affordable to the people.

Mr Emmanuel Usoh in a press conference said “products ranging from rice, vegetable oil, onions and all sorts of farm produce will be sold at promotional prices. Poultry products would also be available. There will be a mobile abattoir. Frozen chicken would also be available for sale.

There will be a stand for local cuisine. Beverage companies have indicated interest to participate in the fair. Father Christmas will be there for the children to visit.