History was made in Gokana Local Government area of Rivers State, one of the Niger Delta states of Nigeria, when a Catholic Reverend Father led over 3000 suspected militants to denounce cultism and embrace Christ.

Reverend Father Abel Abulu who performed the feat got the whole community in shock and amazement as to how he did it. It is reported that the cleric had delivered an inspiring and spirit filled sermon to a mammoth crowd who came to hear God’s message from him.

As the crowd listened to the soul searching message of salvation and repentant from the man of God their heart was pricked and they repented. Calls were then made for those who have repented to come out and surrender their weapons and publicly confessed and renounce their past life. What followed was mind blowing and unprecedented as over 3,000 militants and cultists troop out with various dangerous weapons and charms and drop them at the feet of the cleric.

It was gathered that this occasion was not the first time the reverend cleric had preached to the militants but they had hardened their hearts and refused to give up their weapons. This particular day’s meeting was a follow-up to previous ones even though it turns out to be the turning point of their fellowship.

It was revealed that these same cultists and militants had on several occasions refused to surrender their weapons and renounce cultism when the Amnesty committee set up by the Rivers State Government appealed to them.

It is considered a miracle that they could trust a reverend Father and surrender to him rather than agents of the Government. Also surprising is that the cultists surrender to the clergyman who did not offer them any pecuniary rewards in exchange for their weapons. This is in contrast with the State Amnesty Committee who offered cultists that surrender weapons financial rewards and rehabilitation.

Narrating their experiences during the crusade like church service, some of the repentant cultists thank God for saving their souls through the reverend Father.

They confessed that it was the soul rendering and touching sermons of the clergyThat made them evaluate their past lives and come to the conclusion that it was not worth it.