The morgues at several hospitals in Delta state are overwhelmed with a large number of corpses brought for preservation by relatives and associates of the deceased.

It was gathered that the resurgent number of these corpses is due to the biting poverty and lack of money to enable relatives to undertake burial rites of the deceased hence the option to abandon them in the hospitals.

One of the hospitals hard hit by this ugly trend is the Asaba Medical Centre, Asaba, Delta State whose management has now threatened to give mass burial to over 50 abandoned corpses in the hospital morgue.

The hospital it was gathered has no more spaces at the morgues for new corpses and has been rejecting them. Some local government areas in the state are being accused of dumping large numbers of these corpses at some hospitals in the state especially the Federal Medical Centre at Asaba.

Inside FMC Asaba

It is because of the pressured on the FMC, Asaba to take in the fresh corpse that compelled the hospital authority to plan mass burial for the old stock of corpses in their morgues.

According to the FMC Asaba management, this is the best option to decongest the morgue and dispose of several corpses dumped in the hospital by local government areas within the hospital areas of operation especially the Oshimili South local government area.

According to the FMC management “The option of a mass burial was considered after all efforts to dialogue especially with authority of the Oshimili South local government authority which is the chief culprit in corpse abandonment”.

“Series of official letters and text messages to the local government by the management of the hospital were also ignored. “The Management of the hospital is particularly disturbed by the long silence of the local government authority on the issue in spite of all the polite approaches the hospital has made to address the issue”.

The local government council has kept mute even after several requests by the hospital management, showing nonchalant attitude.” A source at the hospital condemned officials of the local government for attempting to pass their liability and burden to the hospital to bear.

“The local council knows what they are doing by abandoning the corpses here in the hospital and ignoring calls to them to take responsibility. They wish that the hospital would go ahead and dispose of these corpses one way or the other. They don’t seem to care. It is very unfortunate”