A Capsized Boat

Report filtering in from Calabar is not looking good as over 100 persons mainly fishermen and traders who embarked on a trip to Cameroon from Calabar are believed to in grave danger as their boat is said to have capsized.

The boat which departed Calabar port specifically Terminal C of the Nigeria Ports Authority NPA on Sunday was said to be carrying over 200 passengers on its voyage to Cameroon.

However, news had it that the boat capsized on the high seas in the Gulf of Guinea between Nimunda and Edina, in Cameroon that same barely two hours after departure with many passengers feared missing.

The information of the boat mishap actually got to the residents of Calabar by Monday afternoon as some travelers coming from Cameroon encountered the incident on their way through the treacherous Atlantic ocean coast between the two countries.

Sources which confirmed the unfortunate incident explained that the vessel left the Terminal C of the Nigeria Ports Authority, NPA, operated by Shoreline Logistics, on Sunday in high spirit with a full house of passengers eager to get to Cameroon to meet their loved ones.

The boat was said to have left Calabar by 4 p.m on Sunday and the incident occurred around 6 p.m two hours later. Some relatives of the passengers as well as people who send their goods through the boat were seen on Monday looking disturbed and worried while waiting for any fresh news connected to the incident.

However, several people at the terminal C of NPA where the boat departed were gathering in groups discussing the ill-fated boat and the several people and cargoes that are feared dead and destroyed.

A man who claimed to have some cargo on the boat lamented the loss of lives and goods that such mishap would bring. While pleading anonymity he said “from what we heard, the boat capsized on the high sea and even some passengers may be missing. The boat, as usual, was overloaded and that is what has been happening. The federal government should do more to ensure the safety of the passengers and the safety of the ship and the cargo.

“This is not the first time this is happening . the government should do more about safety” he repeated.

A Cameroon Naval official is said to have revealed that there were about 200 passengers on board the ferry which was designed to carry 100 persons. The officer also confirmed that the ferry was heading to Tiko wharf in Cameroon’ Southwest region.

He was reported to have confirmed that the Cameroon navy rescued over 100 people from the ferry, while over 90 others are still missing revealing that a search and rescue SAR team have already been launched and is continuing as we speak.

According to the naval officer, it would be too early to draw a conclusion about the cause of the sinking of the boat as many factors may be responsible for both human and natural. He, however, stressed for more hands to be deployed around the waters to salvage whatever could be salvaged.