Making Calls in Nigeria

It is revealed that more than 2 million mobile phone lines of Nigerians currently with various mobile telecommunications company have been blocked by the order of the Nigerian Government.

This is the sequel to a directive issued to the various telecommunication companies by the Minister of Communications, Dr. Isa Pantami who had ordered that no improperly registered SIM card numbers should remain active beyond September 25.

A spokeswoman for the ministry, Philomena Oshodin,  explained further, “Subsequently, according to the report submitted by the executive vice-chairman of NCC on Thursday, 26 September, a total of 2,277,311 improperly registered lines have been blocked.

“As earlier reported, 6,830,249 lines have been revalidated since the directive was given. Dr. Pantami has reiterated the need for all improperly registered SIM cards to remain blocked until they are properly registered. This achievement within 36 days of Dr. Pantami’s assumption of office is unprecedented.”

The ministry urged the NCC and telecom operators to redouble their efforts in ensuring that the momentum is sustained.

Oshodin added, “The Federal Ministry of Communications is collaborating with the relevant parastatals and security agencies to ensure that no stone is left unturned in ensuring that the security of lives and property in the nation is not compromised through the use of
SIM card numbers.

“Pursuant to this, Dr. Pantami has directed that the profiles of persons linked to crime, aided and abetted by the use of SIM cards, should be promptly provided to the relevant security agencies when requested and a copy should be sent to him for monitoring.

“The ministry will continue to work with relevant parastatals and security agencies in the background to ensure that SIM card numbers are not used as a platform for committing a crime.”