Entrepreneurship Training

James Martins, the Managing Director of Gomatex Resources Limited has been bestowed with an award of the Best Philanthropist of the year 2019 at the 2019 West Africa Media Community Award (WAMCA) an award instituted by the West Africa Media Network over the network in Lagos.

While receiving the award, Martins use the occasion to call on the federal government to create job opportunities in the communities to address the high unemployment among the youths in the state.

According to Martins “It is not about Abuja alone but to give people a job that can earn a living for everyone. There are certain things we can do intentionally and the government should look inward because the people in the Niger Delta are capable hands that can handle certain things but they did not reach out to them but only reach out to politicians among them and others”

Martins appreciated the opportunity which is available to the local indigenous company to explore in the oil and gas sector saying his company is among the few local oil and gas firm that has been shortlisted in Project 100 which is a platform for local industry to be supported and empowered.

“My organization provides services to Multinational Oil and Gas company in Delta and we always appreciate giving back to society. Am a product of society and I believe in giving back and anything called award is recognition of what I have done”

“I thank the people who organised this award. I really appreciate them.in due course, today, where I came from we, used to do sensitization to see that the youths are not derailed from their primary purpose of its existence.

“Life itself is about to give and take, many things are happening in society because people are not reaching out to them. In our organization, we try to bring out people. Give them what we need to give and encourage them on how to be of their own”.

“I started from small and here we are today and am calling on the younger ones to emulate the good precious of life. The oil mogul added that the restiveness in the Niger Delta is a result of no actual work to do and poverty striking around.

“In our organization, what we have, we give it back to society. We give scholarship to students, we organised in house training for people and some post-graduate training so that they can do something for society”.

“Sometimes, we give them starting from N200,000 to N1,000,000 depending on the category and we have to help them since the government is not ready to help them and at the same time, we can’t expect the government to do everything.

“We look into the duration of payment because the place is not economically viable but we give them just 6 months so that they can pay back and give chance to other people just like revolving loan to set small microcredit business.”