Polluted Niger Delta Environment

The News Agency of Nigerian NAN reports that prominent environmentalist used the occasion of the world environment day to decried the destruction of the oil community in the Niger Delta region.

Notable among the environmental campaigners are Nnimmo Bassey and Alagoa Morris who on different for a spoke about the neglect of the oil-rich by successive state and the federal government.

The environment campaigners singled out the state governors of the niger delta for condemnation for misusing the monthly derivation revenue given to the states to develop the oil communities and ameliorate the environmental hazard afflicting them.

The governors according to them are diverting and misappropriating the 13% derivation revenue paid them for the oil communities in their states. They spent the bulk of these monies on frivolities instead of good projects that will bring relief to the affected oil communities.

According to Mr. Bassey one of the activists, the lack of changes in these oil communities despite huge sums of monies released to the states years for several years speaks volume of the misuse and misrule by these governors.

“The squandering or wastage of resources is a self-inflicted injury because it allows oil companies and other exploiters to act irresponsibly, seeing that leaders do not have the moral grounds to demand good behavior”.

“As we mark the world environment day focusing on kicking out air pollution, we need to look at our faces in the ecological mirror and declare truthfully what we see.

“How can we have soot blanketing a city like Port Harcourt for years and yet we behave as though everything is alright?. How can it be justified that the region that produces the wealth of the nation is one of the top 10 most polluted places on earth and also one with extremely low life expectancy?.

“With gas flare eating up our people, destroying agriculture and the general environment we should hang our heads in shame. “There is no life and no enjoyment of rights in the midst of pollution” Mr. Bassey added.