An Oil Bearing Community in Niger Delta

The Host Communities of Nigeria HOSTCOM under the leadership of Chief Benjamin Tamaranebi has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for approving the release of the sum of N98 billion gas flare fund directly to the host communities of the Niger Delta.

The Chief said the gesture by the president not to release the funds to state governors but directly to the host communities of the Niger Delta showed his sincere care, love commitment to the alleviation of the plight and suffering of the Niger Delta people.

Chief Tamaranebi gave the commendation in Yenogoa, Bayelsa state when the Bayelsa state new executives of HOSTCOM was inaugurated. He opined that the release of the funds directly to the host communities will help to douse tension and agitations against the government and the oil companies operating in the oil communities as the effect and benefits of the funds will be felt.

He also stated that this is in line with the aspiration and clamour of the host communities who have for many years lobbied for the release of the funds directly to them. According to him what the president did by this gesture is to align with the aspirations of the people.

Chief Tamaranebi also used the occasion to canvass for the release of the 13 percent derivation revenue due to the Niger Delta states to be released directly to oil-bearing communities. This according to him will achieve the purpose of such funds which is to develop the oil-bearing communities and ameliorate their sufferings and devastation due to oil exploration.

He accused the Niger Delta State governors of misappropriating the 13% derivation revenue and neglecting the oil-bearing communities who are supposed to be the direct beneficiaries of the money.