President Muhammadu Buhari

The Niger Delta Minister Usani Uguru has given kudos to the last four years of President Buhari government

He specifically praised the government for ensuring and sustaining peace in the volatile region of the Niger Delta.

Usani made the statement on Monday while reviewing the successes of the effects of various projects initiated in the region.

He emphasized that the peace recorded in the region was sustain as a result of the faithful and sincere implementation of projects across the region.

Usani used the forum to appraise the performance of his ministry and his duties as the Minister in Charge for the last three years.

He submitted that they did very well in the implementation of all the various projects supervised by the departments in the ministry as evidence in the appreciable impacts it had on education, commerce, and general infrastructural development in the region.

The Minister called on all stakeholders in the Niger Delta project to come together and joined hands to sustain and improve on the gains recorded so far by his ministry.

According to him “Our sustained interest in the development of the Niger Delta region had on assumption of duty imposed on us the necessity to adopt an implementable strategy, apply new thinking as well as act responsibly towards the pervasive feeling of neglect and providing solutions to the problems of the region.

“The 2015 – 2018 scorecard documents encapsulates the initiatives, activities and the key achievement of the ministry in our commitment to transforming the Niger Delta for peace, security, and prosperity”

The Minister specifically singled out the department of community development and education in the ministry for executing and implementing programs and projects which transformed community relations and enabled meaningful engagement.  According to the Minister, it helped to significantly reduced conflicts and feuds among many communities in the region.

The danger of health as a result of ignorance and misinformation especially relating to cases of HIV/ AIDS, Malaria and Cancer was well handled by the same department of education and community development in the region.

In the area of economic empowerment, the Minister noted that hundreds of youths and women were trained and empowered under various entrepreneurship programmes. For example, it established nine oil processing plants in Umuehihe, though eight of them are not completed.  He also cited some vocational centres deliberately established to train and empower various youths and women in the region.