A community in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria known as the Mbiri community situated in Ika North-East Local Government Area of Delta State made history over the weekend when the youths of the community forcefully crowned a dead crown prince as king of the community.

The action of the youths in the community is said to have startled the entire community since such an incident is bizarre and unprecedented.

The dead crown prince is a 47 year- old Evans Alekwe who is said to have died in mysterious circumstances since the cause of his death is unknown. Shortly before his untimely death the deceased is said to have complained of stomach ache and was promptly rushed to KIFA Hospital in the Neighbouring town of Umunede for treatment.

“When the news of the crown prince’s death filtered into the community, youths of Mbiri went on the rampage and mobilized to KIFA Hospital and brought his body to the palace.

“The late Prince Alakwe was then laid on the traditional stool, where he stayed overnight” according to a village elder who pleaded anonymity.

Narrating the incident to newsmen, a member of the community who was privy to the power tussle within the community said “ On that fateful day of his demise, the crown prince complained of stomach ache, whereupon he was rushed to KIFA Hospital in the neighbouring town of Umunede.

Late Crown Prince

“He was pronounced dead just upon arriving at the hospital. “The cause of his death is still uncertain, but the youths believe that death was orchestrated by mischievous and selfish persons.

“The youths believe that he was poisoned and for that reason, they carried the corpse to the palace and laid him on the traditional stool”.

It was revealed in the course of investigations that the community is embroiled over chieftaincy dispute with the youths supporting the deceased crown prince against the king HRH Obi Ifeanyi Alekwe.

The said king is said to have vacated the palace to appease the angry community youths. The police are said to have been invited when there was much commotion in the community as a result of the crown prince’s death.

However, the police public relations officer Delta state, DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya while confirming the incident on Saturday said normalcy has returned to the community at the intervention of the police and elders in the community.