Professor Charles Dokubo Under Fire

Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, a former Security Adviser to the Bayelsa State government has condemned in strong terms the various allegations of fraud and mismanagement leveled against Charles Dokubo, the Head of the Presidential Amnesty Programme PAP.

He spoke even as he berated the Amnesty boss over his alleged investigation in the united states by the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI for money laundering, racketing, and fraud.

Kpodoh called on President Muhammadu Buhari to scrutinized and investigate thoroughly the amnesty boss to ascertain the level of fraud and decay in the agency.

He described the various allegations of fraud in the amnesty office aa a disgrace to the Niger Delta region and wonder when a man of integrity and proven character will be appointed to man the office.

Kpodoh observed painfully that the amnesty office has become the banana peel that exposes corrupt indigenes of the Niger Delta appointed to manage either the amnesty office or the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC. This is so because according to him there are always accused and remove from office for reasons of fraud and mismanagement.

According to Kpodoh, “It is a thing of disgrace if we cannot have professors from the region to manage intervention agencies without controversy and alleged cases of fraud. Are our professors the professors of fraud and corruption?. Now it is Professor Dokubo before it was Professor Brambaifa of the NDDC’.

Chief Kpodoh the Campaigner

“Why can’t these learned fellows emulate the zero corruption style of President Buhari? One was recently sacked for alleged corruption and mismanagement of funds. Another is being investigated. While we are talking about youth’s agitation, these elderly educated men are alleged to be giving the wrong example on governance”

“I have always believed that when you put a poor man in charge of the kitchen, they will finish the food. This is becoming applicable to these Niger delta men.

“It also comes to memory that someone who claimed not to have sandals for scandals for schooling was made the president, the treasury was looted. These are poor signs and representation of the Niger Delta”

Kpodoh urged President Buhari not to spare any ox in ordering an immediate and thorough investigation of both the amnesty office and the NDDC to ascertain the level of corruption and mismanagement in the two agencies unfortunately managed by indigenes of the Niger delta.

On his part, Kpodoh threatened to commence a one million man march against the alleged corrupt officials so as to prevail on the government and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC to investigate and arraign these corrupt Niger Delta Officials before a competent court of law.