The pet project of a former senator Ned Nwoko towards eradicating malaria completely from  Nigeria and by extension Africa has been recommended  for adoption by all tiers of government in the country

Niger Delta youth leader, Comrade Presley Idi, has therefore urged all tiers of government in Nigeria to key into the ex-senator;s novel project.

Idi, in a statement on Friday, noted that Nwoko was not pursuing the project for financial gains, saying “Prince Ned Nwoko has made it clear that malaria re­mains the biggest killer in the world today, with a yearly death rate of nearly 500, 000, and the World Health Organisation has projected a spike in the death rate due to the current coronavirus pandemic.”

Idi added: “He is not looking for any money from any foreign donor, instead he is investing heavily in this project due to his understanding that Africans are the most affected by the malaria scourge.

“He has always emphasized that it is imperative we do this on our own, the funding of the vaccine though very expensive but by the grace of God he can do it on his own and if not for the coronavirus pandemic, we were looking already at doing clinical trials by December.

“In the area of clean up and fumigation of Nigeria, Nwoko expects all hands to be on deck, and he has stressed the need for every tier of government to key in. it is a huge project but with partnership from the federal, state, and local government, it is what we can do.

Mosquitoes Carrier of Malaria Parasites

There is no need to look for funding from abroad, his plan is to replicate the same template across Africa once he succeeds in Nigeria.”

Idi noted that “The world is paying greater attention to coronavirus today, same attention that malaria is yet to get. This is because coronavirus affects every country of the world, coronavirus knows no colour, be you black or white, but because malaria has remained a regional epidemic, with the sub-Saharan Africans the major casualties, almost everyone has turned a blind eye.”