Monkeypox virus is fast spreading to other states of the Niger Delta as newly reported cases of the ugly and irritating infection is moving around the oil-rich states of the Niger Delta. It is reported that the infectious disease has been spotted in Rivers, Akwa Ibom and lately Cross River states while other Nigerian states such as Abia, Ebonyi, Edo and even Lagos are in danger of tasting the ugly side of the communicable virus.

It would be recalled that the infection was first exposed in Bayelsa State about a week ago. Though it is gathered that its spread in Bayelsa State has been brought under control, however, new victims are said to be recorded daily. Initially when the outbreak occurred two weeks ago about 13 persons were confirmed to have contracted the virus while over 50 persons who had contact with them were identified and placed under surveillance.

Monkey Bush Meat

Among the unlucky victims who were isolated and treated was a medical doctor as well as a seventeen-year-old boy. However, most of the people who were isolated and treated including the medical doctor have been discharged having recovered from the attack. The origin of the virus is widely linked to eating of bushmeat particularly monkeys and the effect is like rashes on the skin though with bigger than those of small and chicken pox.

Despite precautionary measures instituted by the neighbouring states of Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Cross River, the virus was to record its presence in Rivers state over the weekend when about 3 persons suspected of contracting the virus are currently quarantined. The suspects according to the state commissioner for health Professor Princewill Chike are currently receiving medical attention.

Bayelsa State the Origin of MonkeyPox

Professor Chike also disclosed that the state government has deployed every means to prevent the spread of the disease. He revealed that isolation centres in the state have been set up while all primary health centres in the state have been reactivated and are on standby. He also stated that massive enlightenment campaign about the precautionary measures needed to be taken against the disease is ongoing and urged the public to contact the following phone numbers 08056109538, 09062277699, 08033124314 in case of emergency.

In Akwa Ibom State, the state commissioner for Health Dr. Dominic Ukpong announced the arrival of Monkey Pox in the state. He thereafter revealed that one person is suspected of contracting the disease and have been quarantined while two other suspects are put under surveillance by the medics. The commissioner urged residents of the state to take precautionary measures such as washing of hands and to avoid indiscriminate shaking of hands as well as body contacts.

The Savage of MonkeyPox

In Cross River State there is an unconfirmed report that one suspect with the trait of the disease has been identified and is currently being watched closely by the state medical officers. Also to checkmate and prevent further spread all primary health centres in the state have been reactivated and equip. All hospitals across the state are put on notice in case of emergency.

Apart from the Niger Delta states, the disease is feared to have penetrated some other neighbouring states such as Abia, Ebonyi and is believed to have been noticed in Lagos state. The Nigerian federal government is said to be worried about the development and are currently discussing with various state government towards fashioning a coordinated approached to stem the disease.

One only hopes that all the concerted efforts will produce an enduring solution to the further spread of the monkeypox virus.