The devil was at work on the 24th of March 2017 at Oboso community in Ogoja Local Government Area of Cross River State in Nigeria when a cook in a popular restaurant in the community poisoned the food served to customers including its owners. The consequence was a disaster that caused the lives of Mr. Edward Erah and his wife Mrs. Anna Erah who were the owner of the restaurant.

The impact of this incident which occurred at about 280 kilometres north of Calabar reverberated throughout the whole of Cross River State. This was apparent because apart from the dead of the couple, over 44 people were admitted to Oboso General Hospital in Oboso and later transferred to the Ogoja General Hospital.

Luckily, out of the 46 people who ate the food, 41 were taken to the general hospital in Ogoja and have been discharged, 3 are in a private hospital, while two had died. All the victims were said to have eaten from one source, which is from the restaurant.

The State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Inyang Asibong confirmed the unfortunate incident and revealed that the victims who were admitted experienced symptoms of vomiting, foaming in the mouth, body weakness and spitting of blood. The Commissioner assured that the state government has taken charge of the incident and has successfully brought it under control.

The Commissioner disclosed that a kind of task force has been set up by his ministry to tackle the problem and in this regards, a team of epidemiologists, doctors, community health workers and other related health staffs have been dispatched to the affected community to contain the situation.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Police Force in the State has announced the arrest of the man who perpetrated this gruesome act and evil in Oboso community.

Addressing pressmen, the Police public relations officer, disclose that the suspect whose name is Paul Agbor have been arrested and remanded in Police custody pending further investigation.

It was gathered, however, from police sources that on interrogation, the suspect has already started singing like a bird and has confessed to the crime. It was also revealed that the suspect motive was a clear case of vendetta to get back at the community of Oboso. He was said to have confessed to the intentional poisoning of the food.


It is very sad that such gruesome action is still being witnessed in this day and age.The husband and wife have been killed by the evil and senseless mindset of a deranged man. What happens to the children of the deceased couple?

The State Government through the department of social welfare and counseling should get to the root of this psychological disaster witnessed in this murderer. The essence is to see how future occurrence can be prevented. A stitch in time saves nine.