Ibom Golf Course

 The Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission, Mr Nsima Ekere has expressed his joy over the increased interest and awareness in the game of golf in the Niger Delta region.

He, therefore, expresses his desire to see more of youths in the region taking to the professional sports of golf even as the development of the sports in the foundational level must be sustained and encouraged.

Mr Ekere made the observation while teeing off at the NDDC sponsored Pro-Am Golf Championship. He used the occasion to pledge the commission commitment towards developing golf talents in the region to enable them to be enlisted in the league of professional golfers.

Nsima Ekere Teeing Off.

The golf competition was held at the prestigious Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Speaking further on the benefits of the competition and its impact on youth development and empowerment, the NDDC Boss noted that the discovered talents if well nurtured would create jobs as well as boost the economy of the region.

He specifically singled out a Niger Delta youth who emerged as the best in the amateur golf tournament in Nigeria and expresses his desire to see more of such talents developing into professional golfers.

According to Ekere “the truth of the matter is that we have a lot of talents in the Niger Delta. When these talents are developed, it will not only create jobs but will also help in boosting the economy of the region. Most of the wealthiest people today in the world are sportsmen and women.

Ibom Hotel & Golf Resorts, Uyo.

“Therefore we will like to see Niger Delta sons and daughters fall into that category of people. I was so impressed when I saw a young girl of 12 years who did the best in Amateur golf tournament in the country. That girl is an Akwa Ibom girl a proud daughter of the Niger Delta.

“Those are the kind of talents we will like to fish out. These are the kind of talent we like to develop and promote because we know that ultimately they will add value to the region and to Nigeria.

Ekere expresses the hope that the sponsorship of the golf tournament will impact on the region by bringing the much-needed returns for the community and not to the NDDC per se.

Expansive Ibom Hotel & Golf Resorts, Uyo

The ultimate aim of the commission is to bring out talented and employable youths in the Niger Delta so as to impact and change the torrid life of the Niger Delta region.