The Two Accused Persons with the Pants
A 25years old man, identified as, Ojonugwa Adajoh,  was paraded on Wednesday, by Policemen from the Ondo State Police Command for allegedly stealing pants belonging to his brother wife and his sister for money rituals.
The police arrested the suspect in Uso town, Owo Local Government Area of the state. And he has confessed to the crime and was arrested alongside with a Prophet of a Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), Prophet Olajide Ogunleye.
The suspect confessed he approached the Celestial Prophet, Ogunleye, for money ritual who asked him to go and look for pants and ladies underwear. He, however, said the Prophet gave him a contortion which hypnotised him and could not remember what he was doing before he was nabbed for the crime.
Adajoh said he regained his memory after four days when he remembered visiting the prophet for assistance for prosperity. He said: “I visited the prophet to pray for me because of my work and how to get rich. After checking my hands he told there are ways out
but asked me to swallow some contortions and prayed for me but asked me to look for ladies pants and underwears.
Police on Duty
“But when I got home I don’t know what I was doing again and I started looking for pants and underwear. I found three of my sister’s pants and I went to my brother’s house where I took two of my brother’s wife pants. It was at that point she raised alarm and the police were alerted.
“Two of the pants belong to my brother’s wife and the other three belong to my younger sister.” But the 53-year-old Prophet Ogunleye denied his involvement in the allegation, saying he never met  Adajoh and would not have instructed him to go and steal pants.
He said: “I don’t know the boy from Adams and I was surprised over the allegation against me. I am Prophet I pray for people, I used morning dew and lime to heal disease but I
knew nothing about money ritual.”
Speaking on the arrest of the two suspects, the State Police Public Relations Officer, Femi Joseph, said the two suspects were arrested last week following the report by the victim.
He explained that “The suspect claimed to have lost his senses after taking a concoction from the Prophet and started looking for ladies underwear. He said he went to a spiritualist who is a member of the Celestial Church to pray for posterity.
Close View of Adajoh
“He now said that the man prayed for him and gave him an ointment to take. As soon as he swallowed the concoction, he said he lost his senses and began to pick underpants according to him.
He had already picked some in Uso, their village, according to him. And he came to Akure again to pick those of his brother’s wife. “We are baffled and shocked to discover that during the time he lost his senses, the next thing for him to do was to begin to pick women
We think the story is too good to be true. That is why we are engaging him. “We will further dig into the matter to know what he actually wanted to do with the underpants. Once we know what he wanted to do with it.
“We don’t want such a thing to happen in our state here. And we are using this opportunity to enjoin our ladies and our women to guide whatever they put on either underwear or whatever.
“We also plead with parents to ensure that their daughters keep their wears very carefully.
Joseph, however, called on ladies and women to guard their underwears, saying “This is a very dangerous phenomenon and trend.”
He said: “We are using this opportunity to enjoy our ladies and women that this is a very dangerous phenomenon now, we have to guard whatever we are putting on like underwear.
“Parents should also warn their children particularly female ones to be very careful where they keep their wears.” Joseph, however, said the two suspects would be arraigned in court
after an investigation by the command.