President Buhari &  President Buhari

President Buhari has finally bowed to pressure from critics and admirers alike to respond to several allusions, innuendos and allegations that he is not the same person he claims to be. He has been accused of being an impostor as the real Buhari is alleged to have died while undergoing medical treatment in the United Kingdom in 2016 and was replaced by one Jibrin from Sudan.

Responding to the allegation, a jovial Buhari said he is his real self and not a cloned, fake or an impostor from Sudan as being widely rumoured. He promised that he is going to celebrate his coming 76 birthday and he is still going on strong.

According to President Buhari, who made the remark in Poland “A lot of people hope that I died during my ill health? It is real me. I will soon celebrate my 76 birthday and I will still go on strong”

It is believed that the response from the President will douse these wicked rumours and laid it to rest.

Is Nnamdi Kanu Sure?

According to the Minister of information Alhaji Lai Mohammed, “it is idiotic to say the president is cloned. I don’t see any serious government responding to that. So the same Jubrin who is cloned from Sudan or Chad is in Chad now?  Isn’t that stupid?

“They even say he is from Chad, yet the same president is in Chad now. The same Jibrin is remembering what the President did when he was in the Petroleum Trust Fund PTF. He is also remembering what he did when he was the head of state in 1983 – 1985.

Lai Mohammed further argues that “the President remembers memos he has seen or heard about in 1985 yet we say he is cloned. So Jubrin from Chad or Sudan will remember all these?

Buhari Laughing Off Critics

“It is too silly for the government to respond to these, it must be ignored” Mohammed retorted.


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