Gov Wike and Ex-Gov Amaechi

A war of words has again broken out for the umpteenth time between the Rivers State Governor Barrister Nyesom Wike and his predecessor Mr. Rotimi Amaechi over the affairs of government in Rivers State.  This time the incumbent governor had to react angrily to comments made by Amaechi that most of the projects claim to have been completed by Wike was in fact already completed by Amaechi administration when he was holding sway as governor.

Invariably, Amaechi accused Wike of lying to the Rivers State people.  By laying claim to completed projects when it isn’t so. Wike, while stating the reasons why he went ahead to complete some projects started by his processor but which was not completed by the end of his tenure said he wanted to depart from the culture of abandoning the project of a predecessor in government just because of political differences.

Explaining further, Wike said apart from the money being sunk into such projects which would have been wasted as a result of abandonment, the people who are supposed to benefit from such project would be the greatest loser. The governor disclosed that he was happy that he took those steps as the people are now reaping the benefits of the completed projects.

Governor Wike revealed that it was the enormous impact that these completed projects made that caused the Rivers people to nickname him “Mr. Project”.

Wike And Amaechi in Good Times.

Wike revealed that the nickname of Mr. Project is what has made Mr. Amaechi jealous of his achievements and popularity. He then wondered why Amaechi should be losing sleep over the governance in the state when he is not contesting for any post in the state in 2019.

Governor Wike also chided Amaechi for being arrogant and pompous by claiming to be the alter ego of Rivers State politics insisting that anyone in the State has a right to aspire to become the governor. Wike was referring to the restricting and appointments made in the All Progressive Congress of Rivers State by the Ex-Governor and Minister of Transport to truncate the gubernatorial ambition of  Senator Magnus Abe.

Wike and Amaechi Fire for Fire

Amaechi was also advised by Governor Wike that it would be foolhardy to compare his already spent 8 years to the 2 years he has spent as Governor.

Describing statements made by Amaechi during the celebration of his 52nd birthday in Port Harcourt as unfortunate, Wike declared “ It is unfortunate that someone who is celebrating his 52nd birthday would be telling Rivers people lies. “We inherited N14.7 billion as salaries and pensions from the Amaechi administration, which we cleared: N23.2 billion from Zenith Bank was also inherited and cleared by us.

Governor Wike also refuted the claim made against him by Amaechi that he collected loans from an Islamic bank stating that Amaechi was rather uncomfortable with his popularity within the Christian majority of the state and the fact that he built an ecumenical centre for Christian activities in the state.

Amaechi on his part has also taken the incumbent governor to task on a number of accusations he purportedly made against him. He had a couple of weeks ago reacted to claims by Governor Wike that the $43.4 Million found in an empty Ikoyi Lagos apartment belonged to him and that it was proceeds of the sale of the Rivers State gas pipeline.

While denying the accusation, Amaechi had described it as reckless, malicious and a figment of Wike’s imagination. Amaechi recently also denied the accusation against him by Wike that his wife collected monetary contributions ranging from N2 Million to N3Million monthly from various government appointees during the administration of her husband in Rivers State.

Also coming to the defense of Amaechi‘s and his wife are the former Rivers commissioners and local Government council chairmen who in a press conference berated Governor Wike for accusing Amaechi’s wife of extortion while describing the governor as a liar and looter of Rivers State treasury. The group carpeted Wike for being disrespectful to the women’s folk by his futile attempt to drag the name of the wife of Amaechi to the mud.

As permutations towards 2019 elections start gathering momentum more of accusations, mudslinging and character assassinations will come to the fore all in an attempt to whip up sentiments in favour of political gangsters. Unfortunately, the poor electorates are carried away by this drama thereby forgetting to demand the performance of the contract entered between them and the political class prior to Election.