Obaseki, Oshiomole, and Iyase of Benin

Despite a spirited attempt by an Anglican priest to reconcile the two feuding former political friends and partners the relationship between governor Obaseki and ex-governor Adams Oshimole remain sour.

At the venue of the thanksgiving service for the 90th birthday celebration of the Iyase of Benin, Chief Sam Igbe, in Benin the officiating priest of Our Saviour Anglican Church, Friday Imaekhai called for peace in the state among politicians.

He was, in fact, directing his message at the political gladiators in the state which included Gov Obaseki and Oshiomole and the controversial speaker of the House of Assembly Mr. Francis Okiye who were All present in the church service. The reverend Minister even went further to invite the trio to the altar for reconciliation.

While on the altar the trio were made to join hands, embrace peace and reconcile in order to move the state forward. The priest reminded them that the entire Edo state was looking up to them for guidance and leadership, therefore, they must live an exemplary lifestyle.

However, unfortunately, it appears that Obaseki and Oshiomole did not take the priest”s message to heart as they were seen going their separate ways as soon as the service was over.

The birthday anniversary of the revered Benin Chief at the Anglican church was thought to offer a good opportunity for the reconciliation of the governor and his mentor the ex-governor but such hope was spurned by the continued desire of the two men to dig deeper without shifting grounds.

Obaseki, Oshiomole, and Okiye

An indication that the two former friends and political partners were not going to be united emerged from the sitting position during the church service. While governor Obaseki took his seat beside the ex-commissioner of police Igbe, Oshiomole who is the immediate predecessor and the current National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress sat far from the Governor beside the celebrant.

It is reported that no sooner has the church service ended than the ex-governor rushed out of the venue while refusing to answer questions from reporters who besieged him.

Oshiomole was further shielded from admirers and party members who sang his praises and were courting his attention for possible patronage.

It would be recalled that Oshiomole had in a recent interview accused Governor Obaseki of spurning chances for a peaceful resolution of the crises and matter it worst by the sacking of his only nominee in his cabinet.