NYSC Commander Cutting the Hair of a Female Officer

Mr. Andrew A. Kumapayi, the Rivers State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission has been queried and recalled by the Commission’s Corps Marshal, Boboye Oyeyemi over the cutting of the hairs of female officers in his command.

It was widely reported by both the print and news media that the infamous FRSC sector commander took matters into his hands and changed into an overnight barber by cutting the hairs of some female officers he judged to be too long.

This action done in broad daylight in the full gleam of the public and pressmen is said to have not only unsettled his superior officers in Abuja but is believed to have embarrassed the Federal Government posture on human right and dignity of labour professed by the present Buhari’s  government.

NYSC Commander Cutting a Female Officer’s Hair.

The drama all began on the 10th of April 2017 when the Sector Commander, Mr. Kumapayi carried out a general inspection on the staff of the FRSC headquarters in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He took the time to inspect the uniforms, fingernails as well as hairstyles of all personnel. However, the female officers whose hair styles were long and braided were ordered to be cut immediately in the presence of all.

Trouble was to begin for the strict and disciplinarian commander when his authoritarian style of administration went viral and the social media was abashed with pictures and images of the haircut of some female officers who looked bemused and embarrassed.

FRSC Male Officers Becoming Barbers in Port Harcourt.

The various pictures also attracted comments and criticism from the majority of Nigerians who considered such actions as an infringement of the fundamental rights of the women and in fact a sort of harassment of the affected female officers.

The Corps Marshall of FRSC is said to have condemned the numerous photos of his personnel in Rivers State trending all over social media and wielded the big stick by recalling not only the Rivers State Sector Commander but all the affected female officers involved in the episode. Information reaching our news desk is that a full-scale probe has been ordered concerning the incident.

However, several FRSC officers are united in defending the action of the unfortunate Sector Commander as being legal and in line with the regulations and ethics of the profession as a paramilitary officer. One office was quoted as saying that as a woman you are not permitted to wear long hair to work. Your hair should not touch your collar. Also, coloured hair, fixing of nails, lashes, and makeup is not allowed. It remains to be seen how this drama will be finally settled.