Floods Ravaging Cities in Nigeria

The Nigerian National Emergency Management Agency NEMA has announced that many states in Nigeria are in danger of being severely flooded which will lead to major disasters in the country. Over 26 States in the federation are feared to be affected by the flood warning including some core Niger Delta States of Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta and Cross River States.

A total number of 26 states in Nigeria is billed to suffer from the impending floods which have already affected about 20 states. Four states of Abia, Anambra, Bayelsa and Delta states are specifically singled out as most prone to suffer from severe flooding in the coming days.

The NEMA Director-General Mr. Mustapha Maihaja gave this briefing during a stakeholders meeting in Abuja on the impending flood situation in the country. He lamented that Nigeria is at the risk of being overrun by severe flooding which will become major disasters if both the federal and state governments do not act swiftly.

The NEMA D-G further called for serious preparation by the both level of government to tackle the flood. He noted with regret that the state governments are the least prepared for the danger ahead because they have been paying lip service to the funding of their emergency boards.

Corroborating the claims of the D-G, the NEMA, the director of Engineering and Hydrology Mr. Clems Onyeaso warned the various state governments that time was running out for their citizens as alert was issued by the Nigeria Basin Authority NBA, 9 days ago on September 7th and it will take less than that for the feared flood to occur.

A Flooded Town in Nigeria

It would be recalled that the Nigeria Basin Authority NBA on the 7th of September 2017 issued an alert to all communities and areas along the River Niger route warning them of serious severe flooding which will result in calamity of unimaginable proportion. The NBA had given reasons for the impending flooding as an unusual rise in the level of river Niger in Niger and Benin republics which is likely to affect the kanji Dam in Nigeria.

The fear of the impending threat of flooding from overflowing banks along the Niger River is confirmed by the situation of the dams in Nigeria. It was revealed that the Shiroro, Kainji, and Jebba dams are already full to the brink and are said to be spilling over water. The situation of the states of Abia, Anambra, Imo, Delta, Bayelsa and the River States are precarious because they are situated along the pathway of River Niger as it flows down into the ocean.

Kainji Dam In Nigeria

The Hydrology Head said a permanent solution to yearly flooding in Nigeria lies in the country’s construction of many dams across many rivers in the country while evacuating people from the river banks and flood-prone areas. He noted with regret that Nigeria has only 200 dams whereas Ghana has 700 dams and China has over 1000 dams to checkmate flood.