Professor Florence Obi

The University of CalabarUNICAL has made history with the election of Professor Florence Obi of the Facultyof Education as the first female Vice-Chancellor of the forty-five years oldinstitution.

 Announcing the result of the election whichtook place on Thursday, 10th September, Senator Nkechi Nwaogu, the Chairman ofthe Governing Council of the University said Professor Obi defeated twelveother contestants to the position to be elected the eleventh substantiveVice-Chancellor of the university.

 “What we assured the university community is that we were going to be transparent, open, fair, and just. “There is a guideline from the Ministry of Education as to how to conduct an interview for the appointment of vice-chancellor and there are so many parameters we had to look into and that was exactly what we did.

“What I expect from her is to look at what the outgoing Vice-chancellor has done, governance is a continuum, start from where he has stopped and ensured there is integration even amongst all the people that contested with her”, Senator Nwaogu said.

 Professor Obi who is 65 years old has servedas the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration of the university and was the onlyfemale aspirant to the position and would serve as the substantivevice-chancellor of the university for the next five years.

 Shortly after the election, the elated professor promised to run an all-inclusive administration to bring changes that would enthrone a lasting legacy to the university during her tenure.

 “The process was free and fair and I commendall those who conducted the screening and election for doing a credible jobwhich ensured the best came top”. She will formally assume the post 1stDecember 2020 while the incumbent vice-chancellor, Professor Zana Akpagu willvacate office on the 30th of November.