Evans the Kidnapper and Nigeria Police

Mr. Chukwudumeme Onuamadike aka Evans the billionaire kidnapper has made a serious accusation against the Nigerian Police Force.  Through his lawyer Mr. Olukoya Ogungbeje the kidnap kingpin is accusing seven police officers and others of the Inspector General of Police IG Intelligence Response Team of extortion, stealing and sexual assault.

The issues of sexual assault it is gathered is connected to the alleged sexual abuse of his girlfriend Miss. Amaka Offor who was arrested along with him by the same IG intelligence team and have been in their custody. Evans is accusing the concerned policemen of stealing his cash in both local and foreign currencies, exotic phones, designer’s wristwatches, jewelry, television, cars, and trucks.

Evans and his Dollars

In a petition written by his lawyer, Evans listed the various assets purportedly stolen by the police to include N50 Million Naira forcibly and corruptly extorted from him. Extorting, also the sum of N5million from his wife under the pretext that her husband will be released on bail. Evans also deposed in the affidavit that he was also dispossessed of $10,000 by the same police officers.

Apart from the said cash obtained from him, Evans alleged that several of his priceless items and assets were carted away by the police and were not officially listed and demands that they should be produced. The lists include a brigade wristwatch valued at $117,000, a pendant cross, a necklace of $25,000, a virtu phone worth $30,000, a virtu signature phone valued at about $17,000 and 5 pieces of Saphono Rucchu diamond rings valued at $100,000.

Evans and his Ammunitions

Other items alleged to have been taken by the IG intelligence team from his home include, an 85-inches Samsung Television set worth N6.5 Million, 25 Mack Trucks, a Lexus 470 Jeep, a Grand Cherokee Jeep, an L400 Mitsubishi Bus and a gold-colored Toyota Highlander Jeep.

However, when confronted with the allegations, the Police Force spokesman CSP Moshood Jimoh and Head of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) ACP Abba Kyari denied the allegations. The duo rather accused Evans and his lawyer of deliberate falsehood against the Police in order to win public sympathy insisting that it would fail.

Evans and his House

Jimoh in a separate phone conversation retorted “as for the allegations being made against the policemen who are investigating the kidnap suspect I can assure you that there are unfounded claims. That’s notwithstanding, our officers and men will never be intimidated nor distracted from performing their statutory responsibilities” He insisted.

Kyari, on his path, expressed disappointment and bitterness about the accusations wondering why policemen who risked their lives to save and protect citizens from evil and dangerous people like Evans should be castigated and vilified.

According to him “several of the items which the lawyer referred to are Items that were publicly displayed and given adequate media coverage across Nigeria. The telephone handsets that clearly linked the suspects to crimes and other relevant exhibits displayed before are still intact in custody: nobody is doing all the things being unfairly alleged”.

Evan’s Wife

The investigations into the numerous dastardly crimes committed by the notorious kidnapper are still ongoing with the police unraveling new evidence, new links and arresting new accomplices. It is believed that the accusations by the lawyer might be a strategy to demoralize the police and forced them to become nonchalant and disappointed thereby making mistakes that will be exploited by a heavily compensated defense team looking for evidence to justify their huge pay.