Mrs Diezani Madueke in a London Hospital

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission EFCC Acting Chairman Ibrahim Magu has come out to forcefully seek the extradition of former Petroleum Resources Minister Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke back to Nigeria from the United Kingdom to face corruption charges.

Magu spoke in Abuja while giving EFCC scorecard of their achievements in the past one year. He assured that if the Petroleum Minister is extradited back to Nigeria the EFCC has the wherewithal to successfully try and convict her in the court of law.

Magu said the United Kingdom has refused to try Mrs Madueke despite giving hope that it was going to do so. He wondered why Mrs. Madueke (Diezani) should not be arraigned before a court of law in the UK since 2015 even with the insurmountable evidence provided by the EFCC against her.

Diezani Spotted Along a London Street

Magu lamented the British authorities endless investigations into the fraudulent activities of the former Petroleum Minister insisting that three years was enough time for the U>K government to conclude their investigations and charged her to court.

Explaining why her extradition back to Nigeria would not affect her pending case in the U.K, Magu said, “there is no court trial, she was being investigated even before I assumed office. So it has taken so long and it’s very unreasonable that she is not being tried there”.

“So, we are tired of waiting and that was why I said if you cannot prosecute her bring her and we will prosecute her. There is no prosecution going on there in the UK.

Ibrahim Magu, EFCC Boss

“We are involved in the investigation in this country and outside the country including America and London. I have been there. We have worked and sat together. We cannot wait endlessly. I think three years and above is sufficient for you to take her to court. There is no court process against her in the UK. Nobody is prosecuting her there, Magu added.

It would be recalled that last year in 2017, the EFCC Acting Chairman had given an insight into efforts made by the commission to get Diezani Madueke prosecuted in the UK and to recover funds stolen by her and kept in foreign countries.

According to him then only 15% of funds allegedly looted by Diezani has been recovered whilst the remaining funds are stashed up in foreign countries.

EFCC Personel Waiting for Diezani

Magu also revealed then that the EFCC was working with the British Government to extradite her back to Nigeria. .The anti-graft boss had boasted to the press that the commission would not give up until all the money stolen from the country was recovered.

“We are working on the process of Diezani’s extradition. But we have to allow them (the UK government) because we are collaborating. There are the National Crime Agency and the Crown Prosecution Service in London, and our colleagues, the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in America.

“We had cause to meet in London. I was there myself for about a week. We are working not only on the Diezani case but the Diezani case has become a test case. He had said then.


One of the Properties in London Acquired by Diezani