Delta Contingent Celebrates Their Victory

Kudos has been given to Team Delta for successfully defending the overall champion trophy they won in the last National Sports Festival held in Lagos State. In the just concluded sports festival held in Abuja, team Delta outscores all the 35-states in the country to emerge 1st and therefore took home the overall champions cup for two consecutive periods.

The Delta sports contingent amassed a whopping 352 medals comprising of 163 gold medals, 88 silver medals, and 101 bronze medals. Coming a distance 2nd is Rivers state with a total medal haul of 194 medals.

The star of the sports festival is the emergence of Deborah Akpochini who clearly emerged as the most valuable athlete winning a total of 9 gold medals during the event.

Gov Okowa Lifting the Champion Trophy

Governor Okowa, while congratulating Team Delta led by ifeakachukwu and Akpochini for the feat performed by the entire team promised to fulfil his financial pledge made to the team before the festival. He also promised to redouble his effort in ensuring that sports development is given a priority in the state to sustain the gains made in the festival

According to the governor “there is no doubt that sports development is very important in our nation. With all the energy in our youths, they need to be guided in the right direction.

“For us as a state government, we believe that the youths must be engaged continually in sports activities. Sports is a unifying factor for us particularly in Delta state that is multi-ethnic. It also helps the youths to be disciplined.

Okowa called on parents and guardian to take advantage of the conducive sports policy and facilities provided by Delta state to encourage their children and wards to engage in sporting activities because of the huge economic gains.

Okowa With Delta Officials.

According to the governor “We must also, begin to encourage our children to engage in sporting activities because of the economic factor involved. If we are able to get the young ones not just to win laurels from our nation Nigeria but help themselves and others close to them.

“it is important to put a lot of money into sports development because of the benefit and am glad we encourage the athletes to win more laurels with various cash gifts we promised them.

Okowa vowed to continue to invest in sports so as to set a precedent not only for the present generations but for the future ones to emulate. “Our administration is inspired to invest in sports development by the achievements recorded by the previous administration in the state as well as that of General Samuel Ogbemudia when he was the governor of the defunct Bendel state of Nigeria.