The controversy surrounding the siting of the Maritime University in Delta State is yet to abate, as a rights activist, Mr. Sheriff Mulade, has accused the Attorney General of Federation (AGF) Mr. Abubakar Malami, of bias and insincerity.

Mulade, who is the immediate past Chairman of Kokodiagbene community, in Gbaramatu kingdom in Warri South-West Local Government Area of the state, told journalists in Warri, that the AGF is secretly conspiring with the Itsekiris speaking people of Delta State who are close neighbours to the Ijaws in order to deceive the federal government by influencing the National Assembly to change the name of the location of the Nigerian Maritime University from Okerenkoko to Okerenghigho

Prototype of Maritime University, Okerenkoko

The two names however referred to the same location of the young university, but it has far-reaching consequences and effects on the psyche and ego of two tribal groups of Ijaws and Ishekiris.

According to Mulade: “The AGF had in a memo signed by H. A. Tahir and dated October 17, 2017, to the Clerk of the National Assembly, advised it to change the name of the location of the Nigerian Maritime University, from Okerenkoko to Okerenghigho”.

Part of the University

It would be recalled that the site of the University has been a subject of controversy between the Itsekiris and Ijaws over ownership of the land. The Itsekiris claimed that the land is Okerenghigho, an Itsekiri name which was allegedly manipulated and named Okerenkoko by the Ijaws after the crisis between the two ethnic groups.

On the other hand, the Ijaws lay claim to the land insisting that the site is Okerenkoko and that it have documents to prove ownership of the land.

Mulade stated further: “The memo from the AGF on the location of the Maritime University Okerenkoko is a new diversionary strategy to delay the smooth take-off of the University, but this will not be accepted.

Abubakar Malami, the AGF

“It will interest the public to know, particularly the presidency that the AGF has secretly conspired with the Itsekiris to fraudulently deceive and corruptly dupe the federal government”.

He alleged further: “Information available to us clearly indicated that the AGF and his team had 40% sharing understanding from the re-acquisition of land thereby lobbying the federal government and other authorities to relocate the Maritime University Okerenkoko”.

Mulade, therefore, urged the National Assembly to ignore the memo written by the AGF in this regard as it done in bad faith. He further maintained that the said memo was capable of generating a fresh crisis in the Niger Delta region, especially between the Ijaws and Itsekiris of Delta State.