A political leader, Anelder statesmen and chieftain of the New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP),Olusegun Bamgbose, has written off the current administration of PresidentMuhammadu Buhari as almost dead and warned that vilifying Bishop Matthew Kukahwould not change anything..

Kukah of the Sokoto Archdiocese of the Catholic Church had in his Christmas message to Nigerians, raised a lot of concerns about the President Muhammadu Buhari government.

And his statement has since generated a lot of controversies, contributions, and crisis with the Presidency reacting sharply against what Bamgbose described as a historic and heroic address.

According to the 2023presidential hopeful, there comes a time when the government should beconfronted with nothing but the bitter truth. He said that Kukah’s speech wasan awakening message delivered at the most appropriate time and venue.

“It’s only anunpatriotic citizen that will keep quiet when his country is on fire. Thehighly referred Kukah has spoken the minds of many hapless Nigerians,”Bamgbose, a Nigerian frontline lawyer, said.

“He is indeed an Apostle of truth. He is not only brave but very blunt. This government is in a coma, almost dead. “How would a father be quiet when his children are being killed almost on daily basis.


“Attacking Kukah is not the solution, the way out is to carefully and critically appraise the points raised by him and come up with pragmatic ways of addressing the issues. “No one should think of harming him for being the voice of the voiceless. Truth can be confronted, but cannot be crushed.

“I wonder what wouldhave been the reaction of Buhari if Jonathan’s regime had won him in 2015 andthe state of the nation is like this”, he added.