Niger Delta Youth Association NDYDA

Niger Delta youths have been warned against falling victim to an ongoing employment scam propagated by one Prince Mike Emuh, a self-styled chairman of Host Communities of Nigeria, Producing oil and Gas HOSTCOM who is promising to give pipelines protection and surveillance jobs to 10,000 Niger Delta Youths.

The warning was given by the Edwin Clarke led Niger Delta forum, which is the Pan Niger Delta Forum PANDEF. The forum over the week raised an alarm about the nefarious and illegal activities of the HOSTCOM convened by Prince Emuh.

Destroyed Pipelines By Militants

It was alleged by PANDEF that Prince Emuh and his cohorts are already collecting various sums of money from poor hapless youths of the Niger Delta region with a promise of giving them non-existence pipeline and surveillance jobs.  PANDEF cautions that if this trend is not stopped it is capable of causing tension and crisis in the region.

PANDEF revealed that the notice became necessary because its secretariat has been besieged with inquiries and complaints from different persons in the region alleging underhand dealings and nefarious activities of Prince Emuh and his co-travelers.

Scooping Oil from a Destroyed Pipeline

PANDEF revealed that the proposal for creation and employment of youths in pipeline security and surveillance jobs was its idea and formed part of the 16 point agenda submitted to and adopted by the federal government of Nigeria as the working document for the new vision of Niger Delta development.

PANDEF, therefore, faulted the spurious and suspicious claim made by Prince Emuh that HOSTCOM is the credible platform to midwife the employment of thousands of youths in the region in pipeline security and surveillance jobs under a fraudulent programme tagged “Operation Secure the Oil and Gas Pipelines OSOGP.

PANDEF recalled that recently in the second national council on the Niger Delta NCND held in Akure with the theme “Fast-Tracking the Peace and Development in the Niger Delta Region Options and Prospects ”it was agreed by all stakeholders on the need to co-operate and work together to sustain the peace and to fast-track the development of the region”. The forum, therefore, wonders how such security jobs became available without the knowledge of other stakeholders except for Prince Emuh and his group.

Oil Pipelines in Need of Protection

While reacting to the accusation by PANDEF the acclaim chairman of HOSTCOM Prince Mike Emuh, refuted the allegations. He asserted that his group HOSTCOM emerged when PANDEF failed as the true leadership platform for the Niger Delta people. He said his organization HOSTCOM broke away from PANDEF to provide an alternative leadership platform to the Niger Delta people.

Prince Emuh further revealed that his group, HOSTCOM undertook the screening of 10,000 youths all over the Niger Delta region as a prequalification before the actual recruitment by the federal government.

However, this assertion is rubbished by PANDEF who questions why desperate and poor youths have to be prequalified for a nonexistence jobs. PANDEF, therefore, called on all relevant security agencies to wade into the obvious scam to stop the further exploitation of poor, helpless and jobless youths in the region.