Mr Jackrich- Stein and a Partner

Belema oil Producing Ltd, indigenous oil and gas company Operating on oil field OML 55, OPL 283 in partnership with the NNPC recently made history when it gave out scholarships cheques to 374 indigent students from the host communities it is operating in Rivers State.

The ceremony which was held in Port Harcourt, Capital of Rivers state attracted dignitaries from the oil and gas industries, the beneficiaries’ relations as well as Rivers state government representatives.

Speaking during the occasion of the handing over of the cheques to the beneficiaries in a ceremony in Port Harcourt, the President of Belema oil Producing, Mr. Jack-Rich Stein Jr. revealed that the scholarship award is in three categories consisting of Postgraduate,

Jackrich – Stein of Belema Oil Producing

Mr. Stein further revealed that out of the 374 beneficiaries, there are 78 post-graduates, 175 Undergraduates and 121 post-primary students who are beneficiaries of this year’s award. The award explained the President of the dynamic oil company is not a show of wealth as might be conceived by envious competitors but a fulfillment of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy under the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC/BELEMA OIL Joint Venture.

Mr. Stein stressed the importance of education to the lives of the young ones and indeed the future of the host communities stating that it is only education which can change the status of a deprived and ignorant people into an informed and productive one.

According to him “We are here not just to celebrate the success that has come to them, but to also honour the privilege given to us as a company to serve. And we recognise very importantly that if you joke with education then you are joking with future and if you fail to grab these young ones who have the enthusiasm and that flair to pursue their academic dream you are limiting the unraveling of future opportunities that they would have used to grow themselves and the society.

Beneficiaries of the scholarship scheme

“And I believe very strongly that what we have come here to celebrate is not just a display of so much wealth but a display of interest; that believing in the young ones of today is unlocking the future of tomorrow and that is making the society a better place.”

The Belema oil boss urged the beneficiaries of the scholarships to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity and develop themselves into becoming great stars and personality in the future. He cautioned them against abuse of their talent and potentials but to focus on their dreams and aspirations.

Putting the value of the scholarship awards given out at over 100 Million, the Belema Helmsman revealed that the scholarship programme is not restricted to only Nigerians schools as they have foreign components with beneficiaries from foreign countries of Cyprus, United Kingdom, America, Canada and Philipines

He also disclosed that a proposal to create 12,000 jobs within her host communities is pending in the presidency and pledge to confront job creation frontally if given the required support from the presidency.

According to him “The Belemaoil Model is all about making sure that the local communities where we operate and competent Niger Deltans are given technical opportunities to showcase their competencies such as the alliance with technology companies that provide specialised types of jobs where they can partner with them and begin to provide those services.