Glory FM in Flames

A fire outbreak on Tuesday gutted part of the Bayelsa radio station popularly called “Glory FM” it was reported that sections of the station such as the accounts office, live studio, recording studio, control room, confidential documents, electronics, furniture among other things were razed by the inferno.

The cause of the fire was yet to be ascertained but it was suspected to have been caused by a spark in the control room of the station.  The fire was said to have startled many workers and guest who were already engaged in one activity or the other.

Live progrmames which were already being broadcast live had to be abandoned and the building evacuated hurriedly. Some of the broadcasters interviewed thank god that no casualties were recorded as a result of the fire.

Mr. Victor Binawari said “I was doing my breakfast show “Rise and Shine” when the lights went off. I felt it was a minor technical issue we could fix. So we had to put on our torch lights and went on with the program because the monitor indicated that we were still on air.

“It did not take long before I heard rumbling in the ceiling as if rats were up there chasing themselves. While I was wondering what was happening, one of our interns ran into the studio to alert us that the station was on fire. At that point, I asked my guests to be calm and follow me out of the building only for us to get outside the studio to see that the building was seriously on fire”