Uyo, the capital of AkwaIbom state is seriously threatened by gully erosion and flooding especiallyduring this rainy season laments the state government as it seeks suppoty andhelp from the federal government as well as international agencies.

Sir. Charles Udoh Commissionerfor Environment and Petroleum Resources, made the appeal while inspecting somegully erosion sites at Asutan Street, Uyo village road and the surroundingcommunities in the state capital.

 The Commissioner advised the affectedindividuals in erosion prone spots to relocate immediately for safety of theirlives and properties, while government seeks ways to ameliorate theirsufferings.

 Udoh noted that “most of the erosion relatedproblems in the state are caused by human activities which include dredging ofsand, digging of burrowed pits by construction companies, dumping of refuse andsachets in the gutters and erecting buildings on the water ways.”

 He cited a case of Etim Umana gully erosionsite where Government has spent billions of naira but people are sabotaging theefforts of government by building and farming on the slop, warning that suchillegal structures will be demolished by the government.

 Udoh disclosed that the Ministry ofEnvironment and Petroleum Resources was ready to carry out Environmental ImpactAssessments (EIA) in all government projects to save lives and properties inthe state.

 The gully erosion sites visited by thecommissioner were Asutan street, Ikpa Road and Uyo village Road by Ibom Bluescience and technology park project site, and was accompanied by director offlood in the ministry, Mr. Okon Effiong.

 A resident of Asutan street, Hon. IdongesitHenry, thanked the Commissioner for the prompt visit to the erosion site andpledged the community’s readiness to cooperate with the Government’s effort tosalvage the area.


 Another community leader, Austin Iton said the problem of the area was not as result of human activities but because of the runoff channelled by construction companies handling roads in the area, and that lots of buildings in the area have approval from the state government. He appealed to the government for palliatives to the residents to cushion the effects of their challenges.