Nsima Ekere, M D of NDDC

The Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Corporation, Mr Nsima Ekere has accused the Akwa Ibom state government of frustrating various NDDC intervention projects in the state in order to score a cheap political goal.

Mr.Ekere revealed that in so many instances state government officials have chased away contractors executing NDDC projects from their sites so as to frustrate the timely completion of such work and then give the impression that the agency was not doing enough for the state.

Ekere stated this in a reception ceremony held in his honour by five local government areas in Ikot Ekpene senatorial district of the state. The five local governments popularly known in the state as Abak five include Abak, Etim-Ekpo, and Ukanafun. Others are Ika and Oruk Anam local government areas.

Mammoth Crowd Welcomes Ekere in Abak

Narrating his displeasure to the political gathering, The NDDC boss said “in the last several months, NDDC has witnessed disruption in its project sites in Akwa Ibom while trying to intervene to make life more useful.

“NDDC is not in competition with Akwa Ibom or any other state. NDDC is here to make life more meaningful. The money that the NDDC is using to develop our state is its own share and if you stop us, that means you don’t love the people.

“The state should support development partners rather than disrupting the work of the partners. We will engage all the state government so we can bring development to our people”.

“President Buhari has shown uncommon love for the people of Nigeria as never in the history of Nigeria has Akwa Ibom benefited so much”.

It would be recalled that the Akwa Ibom state commissioner for works Akparawa Ephraim Inyang-Eyen some months ago told the public that the state government disrupted the works of NDDC contractors in the state because of their poor quality of execution.

However, Ekere debunks the allegation while accusing the state government of harbouring political animosity against the APC controlled federal government.

Nsima and Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom

According to him by trying to frustrate the execution of people-oriented projects sponsored by the NDDC in the state the state has betrayed itself as an enemy of the people and does not deserve to be voted for in the upcoming election in 2019