Gov Udom Arrives the Assembly to Save the Day

Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State turned into a gladiator on Tuesday to save himself and his administration from being illegally impeached by a 5- member House of Assembly presided over by a fake speaker.

The 5-sacked House of Assembly members had on Tuesday morning stormed the Assembly complex with a detachment of Nigerian Police, thugs as well as a fake mace to commence proceedings of the day.

It was revealed later that their main purpose of staging the illegal sitting was to impeach the house speaker as well as commence impeachment proceedings against the governor.

On getting to the assembly, the 5-renegade assemblymen with their police escorts chase away the assembly workers and forced their way into the assembly chambers to commence their sitting.

Battle of Supremacy between PDP and APC

The arrival of the State Commissioner for Works Mr Ephraim Inyangeyen to the assembly complex did not deter the expelled lawmakers as he was seriously harassed and threatened by them to leave.

The governor was to arrive a few minutes later with his encourage, police orderlies, as well as party faithful and other people, mobilized to the house in order to neutralize the presence of the 5-APC house members who were holding the legislative house hostage.

Udom’s arrival in the assembly complex resulted in a serious clash between his entourage comprising of security personnel and party faithful and the 5-APC lawmakers with their supporters. Gunshots were fired and bottles were broken and stones were thrown all over the place that the rebelled-law makers were overpowered and had to scamper to safety.

Akwa Ibom House of Assembly

The ensuing pandemonium also led to the destruction of the cars of the APC lawmakers and some of their supporters. The Speaker of the Assembly Mr Onofiok Luke while addressing the press later on condemned the role played by the commissioner of police and the state police formation for giving the 5 –dismissed members of the house backing to perpetuate illegality and breach of security in the state.

According to him “Nobody nor party can intimidate the people of the state as the people will always stand with and support their governor as evident with what has happened today. We the legislature will continue to make laws for the economic development of the state and for the betterment of the youths of the state.

Governor Udom on his return from the battlefront in the House of Assembly addressed journalist in the government house and called for the redeployment of the recently posted Commissioner of Police to the State Mr Musa Kimo for acts of partisanship and collusion.

Udom with his Foot soldiers

Udom said “Let the Commissioner of Police that they just posted last weekend, let’s assume that he has finished his course, I want to call on the police and this evening the Police Commissioner must be withdrawn: the head of the Quick Rapid Squad must be withdrawn so we can maintain peace.

“I want to let the whole world know that Nigerians fought and gave their lives for this country so that we may enjoy democracy that we currently have today, but in Akwa Ibom State, due to the ambition of some selfish people democracy is being threatened,” He stressed.


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