The Nigerian government has introduced Smart Jobs programme which involves the establishment of Smart Jobs centres across the country with the purpose of training unemployed graduates and helping them to either start their own businesses or help them place them in private companies.

The initiative we gathered is being packaged through the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism which has already spring to work by establishing a centre in Abuja to commence the registration and training of graduates.

The skill of Sewing and Fashion Designing

The training is said to be focused on business management and skills based ventures as well as provide the train graduates with a seed or start-up capital to stand on their feet. Apart from that, the centre will also connect trained graduates with several private companies who may take them in or patronize their services.

The Director-General of National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Mrs. Chika Balogun while opening the Abuja Smart Jobs Centre emphasised that the government was desirable of partnering with notable private businesses and corporate organisations towards absorbing a large number of unemployed graduates in Nigeria.

The Skill Of Foundry and Welding

She also revealed that the federal government is interested in supporting graduates who are willing to go into entrepreneurship and skill-based ventures by enabling them to be trained and then availing them of start-up capital.

According to Mrs. Balogun “In Nigeria, we are talking about 100 million youths, of which many are extremely creative and are university graduates. The government can only employ about three or four million across all states. The reality is that it is the private sector that can drive the economy.

“We are all realizing that our dependence on papers is no longer the way. Nigeria must be skills-based. Ours is one of the youngest populations in the world. It will be a shame if the public and the private sectors do not work cohesively.

“We want to start this training and empowerment for youths in Abuja and expand it gradually across the country. There is going to be a huge turnover of youths and people that are going to be trained.

“The Smart Jobs Centre is aimed at providing employment for the youths. It is not about government employment; we want to create entrepreneurs. We want youths to be self-employed. Only entrepreneurs will be able to drive our economy.

“We are going to give take-off grants to those who finish the training and skills acquisition at the centre. This is why the Federal Government is encouraging youths to be entrepreneurs” she stressed.