A university undergraduate with classmates

Good news is coming the way of undergraduate students of Niger Delta origin in various foreign educational institutions as the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC has concluded plans to extend its 8-year-old Foreign Postgraduate Scholarship Programme to undergraduate as well as postgraduate students.

This was revealed by the Managing Director of the NDDC Mr. Nsima Ekere in Uyo during the flag off of the donation of 9600 desks and 9600 chairs to public schools in Akwa Ibom State. Similar donations are scheduled to be done by the commission across the 9 oil-producing states of the country as over 72,000 chairs and 72,000 desks are billed to be given out to various schools.

Recalling the success and impact of the foreign postgraduate scholarship scheme, Mr. Nsima lauded the programme’s positive impact made in the lives of thousands of students and said it was because of its successes that the commission is strongly considering extending the largesse to undergraduate studies as well.

According to Ekere “We are still discussing and considering the need to intervene in the undergraduate studies because there are some students that are intellectually alert and smart but they may not have the opportunity to benefit from the undergraduate education,” he said. We shall ensure that by May, all the processes required to be done to get our children ready to start the next academic year are concluded in good time.”

Foreign Post graduate Students Protesting against NDDC

Ekere observed the deplorable conditions of some schools in the Niger Delta whereby students and pupil’s study in deplorable conditions which impede their ability to learn and excel in exams. He, however, assures that the NDDC was positioned to tackle the poor infrastructures of most schools in the region in order to bring it to international standards.

The NDDC helmsman reiterated the past interventions by the commissions in schools across the Niger Delta.  He stated: “In the year 2017, we did a lot of interventions across the region, renovating secondary and primary schools. In Akwa Ibom state, a total of 115 schools were positively impacted by the renovation exercise that NDDC carried out.

NDDC Managing Director Nsima Ekere

“The NDDC state office in consultation with relevant stakeholders, and of course the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Education will agree on a sharing formula and ensure that the desks and chairs were given to the schools that most need this intervention.”

The NDDC helmsman recalled the successes of previous intervention in Akwa Ibom State over the years describing them as enormous  “NDDC has done a total of 960 projects in Akwa Ibom State. Out of this number, 494 have been completed at a total cost of N67.7 billion. “We recognize the fact that Akwa Ibom State is the number one oil producing state in this country and that the state has contributed enormous resources to the NDDC fund. So, we shall ensure that the state gets its due number of projects.

Ekere vowed to improve the education of children from The Niger Delta describing good and proper education as the future of the people in the region. “We know that education is the way of the future. It is the way we can safeguard our region and protect our children and actually help them not to go into vices like militancy and other criminal activities. I believe that a well-educated child is a security for the future. So, we shall continue to intervene positively in educational activities of the children of the Niger Delta region.”